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big fat july update LOL!!!!

Posted by ayekerik - 1 month ago

i havent made a new post since the year started........ oops!

first things first, lets check where i am on that list i made at the beginning of the year.


i think im on track with this!

with that out of the way, what have i been up to for the past 6 months?

life-wise, i've been LIVING living. i finished up my first year of college and flew out to canada, where im currently staying for the summer, living with my awesome boyfriend. so shit kind of rocks. about a week after making that newspost in january, i made a crazy wild and wacky discovery about myself, one that everyone who follows me already knows about at this point (im a girl!), and recognizing that and acting on it for the last half a year has made my life just a lot better. i still have low points, there's just less of them now. been really great knowing myself like that.

enough with the LAME SHIT......... lets talk about how the past 6 months have been for me ARTISTICALLY.

i've spent the year so far drawing occasionally (not as much as i'd like to but whatever), contributing to friends' games, and half-secretly animating and co-directing a 14 minute animated pilot for a cartoon me and my friends are making. i say half-secretly cause i show progress to my friends constantly, lol. a lot of the exciting stuff i've been working on has been under the radar, and a lot of the stuff i've been putting out has been regular. and how's that been?




shits been awesome. im still here, still making the art i want to, experimenting whenever i can, and working with my closest buddies ever. it's getting done, steady progress all that cool stuff. by the time it's out it might've been in development for over a year 😬

as for what im up to RIGHT NOW, i've been spending july so far working on commissions and making drawings for my buddies on artfight. taking a break from big things for a bit to just have fun. and i'm still living with my boyfriend for another 2 months, i love him very much. i've also been listening to siivagunner's rip of Flying Battery Zone Act 2 - Sonic Mania on loop for like 2 or 3 weeks and i dont know why but its cool its cool

this is a big fat bloated news post, no real reason for writing it cause i've got nothing to update on, i just figured it'd be fun to write. and it was! until the next news post, dear newgrounders <3





grabs you by the skull

You are LIVING living

I GOTTA find out who Tony is

trans rights?


so whos tony

a question i no longer ask

If only I were as positive as you seem to be, I’d get a lot more cool stuff done!

Awesome when you be LIVING living fr

Oh man I haven't made a post in ages too. I need to make one for 2k followers aha rip. Happy for you and keen to keep seeing what you put out! #KaiStayWinning #WhoIsTony?

i forgot to mention that i got 2k followers in this post shit

you are the coolest person on newgrounds kai

grabs you by the finger